An altar of print and digital publications created with collaboration & love, The Femme Moon is an independent press & art collective based out of ATL, GA since 2020.


a print series / group zine feat. essays, poetry, illustrations, collage and beyond – black & white Xerox print

Loosely inspired by the ancient Greek school of “little she-bears” known as the “arkteia”, practicing a period of “ritual wildness” under the worship of Moon Goddess Artemis, The Femme Moon was formed out of a need to expressing raw truths of chaos & catharsis all while considering a grounded ethos.


digital cookbook & spellbook series of original and adapted content – full color PDF


The Fool on the Hill

We live in a world where everyday we must wrap our heads around promises that are make-believe, ideas fed since childhood unbeknownst to us as marketing ploys for endless devotion to capitalism. When you realize you’ve been had, living up to these pitches for becoming a pawn all along, it’s entirely appropriate that questions aboutContinue reading “The Fool on the Hill”

Anytime I find medicine that is helpful, I share it with everyone I know.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes