An altar of print & digital publications, The Femme Moon is an independent press & art collective based out of ATL since 2020.


a print series / group zine feat. essays, poetry, illustrations, collage and beyond – b&w Xerox print

Loosely inspired by the ancient Greek school of “little she-bears” known as the “arkteia”, practicing a period of “ritual wildness” under the worship of Moon Goddess Artemis, The Femme Moon was formed out of a need to expressing raw truths of chaos & catharsis all while considering a grounded ethos.


sister project + digital cookbook – full color PDF


A Taurean tiptoe into June

It is almost June of 2022 and the World as we knew it is unraveling.  Jumping over the Beltane fire, the billowing smoke signaling halfway to Summer, our little nook in the Northern Hemisphere has been ash-confetti-cruxed with tragedy. Choking in the smolder, shock upon shock with war, metaphorical and literal, in the macro andContinue reading “A Taurean tiptoe into June”

Anytime I find medicine that is helpful, I share it with everyone I know.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes