Independent publications made with collaboration & love. An altar of print and digital series alike, created with collective input & creative design.

Loosely inspired by the “arkteia”, ancient Greece’s school of “little she-bears” in a period of “ritual wildness”, The Femme Moon was formed out of a need to connect with a community of like-minded contributories.

The exploration of the alien terrain of the femme & them experience, whether through written word or visual art, makes up the largest basis for the project. Each Symposium zine is themed on transformation and fluidity, differing in subject matter volume to volume, with a common thread of analysis for the sake of catharsis and collective communication.  


Group print zine series featuring essays, poetry, illustrations, collage and beyond. Vintage art nods to theme. Handcrafted, black & white Xerox print.


Digital cookbook series, original and adapted, created in collaboration. Full color PDFs available through Etsy. All proceeds go towards specific charity per issue.


Aquarius has our full attention

….not just because, as a Sun sign, it holds the reigning position for many collaborators, friends, my wubby and even my own #1 placement. This morning, Sunday August 22nd, we were graced with another Full Moon in Aquarius for 2021. That’s right! TWO AQUA FULL MOONS. A balance between the macro and micro comes deeplyContinue reading “Aquarius has our full attention”

Anytime I find medicine that is helpful, I share it with everyone I know.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes