New or Just Wearing a Different Mask?

For the past few weeks, we have walked through many doors, none of which have entirely shut behind us.  

Halloween’s Taurus Blue Full Moon rang in the ancestral ties of Samhain and Day of the Dead, honoring not just the thinning veil to the Other Side, but a deeper reflection of historical distress heavy on collective minds worldwide. During the extended tension of economic emergency and the passionate protests against militant Republican politics in the U.S., the past 4 years have shown that trauma and grief are literally unavoidable. 

As COVID-19 continues to take lives at alarmingly heightened rates, we see the ways in which even “safety” has broadened to include our human whims. Americans decided that “as long as you wear a mask”, frequent outings were fine, and the numbers have proven this to not be enough. The fault doesn’t fall simply on deniers:  areas where mask mandates are respected still have very large amounts of infection rates. What is happening in small groups is just as important as those embarking in large outings. 

Social distancing is about staying home and continuing to be selective about seeing friends and family. As 2020 confronts what we know to be stable and secure, we are preparing for many new deaths. We have to consider the ways in which humans resist reality to find enjoyment or, in some cases, financial survival. This recent Pagan New Year on October 31st brought personal patterns to the forefront of the magically minded as well. Some of the same questions that have been on our minds all year continue to marinate:

  • Who are the selves that no longer serve us? 
  • What are the narratives that have kept us cut off to Joy?
  • Alternatively, what indulgences in Joy hurt or ignore the experiences of others? 
  • What parts of our identities too often lead to self-sabotage or self-destruction? 
  • What reactions are Ego and what interpretations are rooted in a lack of empathy?

A few days after Halloween, the Presidential Election happened… and extended into the week with absentee ballot counts, neck to neck. The country made a decision to not continue with Trump’s political tyranny, in hopes of supporting better leadership for the pandemic, systemic racism, climate change, protection and support for vulnerable identities. All of the early voting and campaigning happened within a torrid Mercury and Mars Retrograde (the latter of which ended over the weekend). Combined, these energies usher the moon-attuned towards remembrance but also release. 

2020 will forever be known as a year of intense change along with devastating mass losses, but also can be seen as a period of adaptation, reconfiguration and reawakening. Yesterday’s early AM New Moon in Scorpio created a ripe environment to take a deep (and painful) dive into the patterns that may serve us superficially but slowly kill our spirits. This New Moon also held many factors as a powerful catalyst for change and beyond. Digging with honesty and vulnerability, the cosmic energy is ripe for realization. 

We just released our first zine, Symposium Vol. I, which sold out within a few days of its amazing release on Halloween, and has recently been reprinted (see SHOP to purchase). This last batch of this group zine, containing poetry, musing and recipes, was to be available at the O4W Market on Sunday November 22nd, but we collectively have decided to do the safest action for our community and pull out of the event. We will keep everyone informed on rescheduling and online events. 

Stay safe, stay home, be well and be careful! xo

All artwork in this post by Hilma af Klint