Through the Darkness of Future Past

2020 did not turn out as anyone expected…

The understatement of understatements. Unless you are some kind of psychic, no one saw this massively disruptive (albeit reflective) year a-coming. And forward, no one truly knows what the Future holds. What we do know are certain alignments from the Past. This Eve finds Future/Past doing a promenade through our brainwaves and yet again, we are only left to imagine as we turn the corner into a New (hopefully happier, healthier) Year.

With symbolism always heavy in the Arktoi atmosphere, the recent Winter Solstice and Great Conjunction may ring in a new era for Aquarius (our home Sun sign). The cosmos has a particularly curious Past with Aquarius’ last reign in a Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction. 1405 marked the Fall of Constantinople and, effectively, the seeds which birthed the Renaissance. Saturn’s planetary energies of Death, transformation and structure faced with Jupiter’s “kingdom” of expansion and growth may pull humanity in a direction of lightning fast progress that will spin for years beyond 2021.

Not without struggle, Aquarius is perhaps the most revolutionary of the Zodiac and we are prepping for further revolt in this transitional time frame. The ideology that Aquarius is “peace & love” seems overwrought with cliche, but we’ll save that rant for another day. Though there is a strong want for unity, the reasoning can be quite radical. In true Aquarian fashion, the individual and collective may find itself intertwined and able to coexist (“unique but united”), and our hearts hold to this hope. Continuations of movements that, all over the world, are fighting capitalism, oppression and old guild systems, will be gaining hyperspeed momentum needed to catalyze change. There is also fear of disruptions in food supply and resources, especially in the midst of an ongoing pandemic that has not seen any changes regardless of a new vaccine yet.

Like the Renaissance’s advancements and almost poetic perspectives in astronomy and science, along with its rich culture, a similar zest may be seen in creative technology. Changes must be made in order for this Planet to be strong, but right now, we ponder the Past.


Annie French

2020’s extremities may have forced many to foster foundations through little else but wavering inner stability. Additionally, those who honored stay-at-home have connected to the symbologies of Hearth on an unexpected and greater level than ever imagined. On Winter Solstice, we looked back to the Spring Equinox, the beginning of the pandemic protocols in the West. 

In March, “cottagecore” had further reason to popularize with renewed interest in homemaking, blossoming out of boredom into bliss. With a once assumed COVID-19 end, whole corners were dedicated to plant babies, vegetables grown from scraps, hardcore review in Astro charts and magickal correspondences, hiking spots found, virtual shop sales, many playlists made. We adopted a demonic kitten, able to observe and enjoy her growth. Along with this, many recipes were tested. Around the December New Moon, we released our SECOND zine in less than 2 months. The first of the Concoctionary series, The Grateful Veg cookbook, came together with contributions from friends, a kitschy collection of American vegetarian comfort foods with hippie-dippie inspiration and vintage graphics. We felt it best to distribute this digizine to those who donated to a worthy cause or individual GoFundMe. Trade in our community has been frequent:  seeds, clothes, pet drop-ins, food and beyond. Mutual aid, in general, must remain in the Future for it to be sound.

Annie French

Now that the chill has truly arrived, a shadow hangs over not just our physical realm. We live in extended uncertainty with less support (and the shamefully small stimulus checks, if they ever arrive). Humans have even more pressure to stay indoors due to weather, awaiting vaccinations. Quarantine in the Spring is a breeze compared to a worrisome Winter lockdown. During the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, in order to not let the panic persist, we take inventory of what feels right in the way of rest. Perhaps some of us have pressures to continue as if nothing is different during this very busy season. Many are in financial straits, which is enough to create complete cerebral chaos, but all the more reason in our isolation to embrace core comfort.

“Cottagecore” manifested to fervent fruition, a dreamy desire of simplicity, a fantasy of enjoying the small things in a world fraught with government control and manipulation of truth. A weirdly appropriate 2020 fantasy, the Archetype of enchanted isolation or small tea times, nestled within nature and stocked up with sweet snacks. We baked, savored books, created gardens, drank Dalgonas with true Present placement, honored the moons more than ever before, returning to what we loved and now had time for… All of this slowing down that we get to keep with us and hopefully weave into our Future world.

What is a “new normal” and have you considered not wanting to go back to the way it was?