Pink Supermoon, See You Soon

Happiest Monday, Moonies!

A little over a year ago, during my midday walk in Oakland cemetery, I remember being keenly aware of the air. I was always one to relish in the breeze, pondering where it traveled, like an invisible dragon between the mammoth rosemary bushes and graves of yonder years. Yet as I looked upon the peach crocuses like Bellini’s glowing in the Spring sunlight, the Earth felt as if it were anchored to a wild warming brewing above.

The April 2020 Supermoon felt beyond strange, surreal, even admitting somehow, quarantine was not so uncomfortable for me, who needs quiet retreat frequently. Even if fully vaccinated, it seems transformation will be perpetually emphasized, the theme of 2021 predicted long before last when we were still freshly coping with COVID-19 on the North American shores. I came upon a rare luna moth, majestically meditative on a slightly mossy step in front of a friend’s home, the largest moth on this continent and one I had never gazed upon in real life, suddenly so close. A luna moth only lives for a mere moment compared to their unique metamorphosis, tragic when considering the short time they exist in final form:

The larvae have five molt stages, or instars, culminating in the formation of a pupa encased in a papery cocoon and wrapped in leaves. After about three weeks, their metamorphosis now complete, adult luna moths cut their way out using serrated spurs near the base of the front edge of their wings. They typically emerge in the morning, leaving time to spread and dry their wings before their first night of flight. Adult luna moths do not eat at all, and therefore have only vestigial mouth parts and no digestive system. Their sole purpose in life is to reproduce. They have only about a week to do so before they die.

Goddess of the Moon: Life History of the Luna Moth
Illustration by FolkLord

Today, on the Full Moon in Scorpio, these depths of understanding ring through in the home sign:  sex, death, struggle. In reflecting on not just our mortality but our spirits, the limitations of our creativity, identities, any non-harmful expression, resists being crushed under the weight of jealousy, control, codependency, policing… We are reminded of how important it is to not hand over our power to hateful entities.

It is a time to release, when possible, the ways in which trauma has affected the way we treat ourselves and what we build around us in life. Just days shy of the joyfulness of Beltane’s fairies, flowers, honey and love, a literal garden-filled Pagan Valentine’s, with so many planetary placements in Taurus, I want to remind all our friends to fiercely, without falsehood vomits of validation, to try to love ourselves. The world around us is chaos. We must be grounded, while allowing ourselves also to be vulnerable, rest, and recenter.

In our busy-ness, a personal union important to the main creators of this collective, we wanted to drop in with this little love note. We are soon to release Symposium Vol II Othered Earth on Mother’s Day, May 9th, and have finalized a fantastic and amazing list of contributors, including:

Diana Arias

Beth Hartman

Faith Naoi

Folk Lord (illustration above) 

Francesca Lia Block

Judas Kane

Justin Coehlo

Krystal Visions

Krystal Woods

Maria Lutz

Sarah Rae

As today’s Pink Supermoon delves deep into our thoughts of ascension beyond attachment, the crux of 2020 continues into a culture of absolutes and infographics that can not represent or educate with the needed temperament and knowledge for a just and whole perspective. Othered Earth reflects this swarm of becoming either shaped by the fluidity of the unknown. It is a Taurus season extraordinaire, homage to the fixed energy, Venus magick, honor of the Earth, our Mother, and the ways in which Air, Water and Fire can play the roles of chaos.

Spring and Summer both strengthen in these volatile unpredictable energies and we ground ourselves for the ride. We will be returning with Museletters, once or twice a month, as the activity warrants a renewed rotation of thoughts. Much love to you, our friends, and talk soon!

– Sun.

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