Eclipse Season is here!

Early in the morning, the Full Moon experienced its longest partial lunar eclipse since the 1440’s. A six hour process, the Earth’s shadow created a gradual red tint to the moon. Such occurrences were given the name “blood moon” due to their hue. And quite a sight to behold, we were able to see it in the States clearly and not unhappy in the least to wake up to a 3:45 alarm and bundle up to peer at our silver celestial goddess in all her epic blood-washed beauty.

Speaking of the shadow side, the Sun is at the end of its time in Scorpio and this combination of the Sun and the Full Moon in Taurus at lunar eclipse time creates what is known as the Taurus-Scorpio axis. We are stepping away from the Gemini-Sagittarius lunar nodes and into a new series of subjects. Taurus-Scorpio represents a fixed sign showdown between stability and death, stubbornness and the most scary of all for some: change. Granted, Eclipse Season always marks change. It exudes intense energy that can overwhelm humanity for the week before and after its actual event, but no better a time to sit with one’s discomfort and face aspects of themselves they have been avoiding. That is the eclipse way: to reveal what needs to come to the surface in order to pass into the next phase.

In reductive but real tones nevertheless, Taurus and Scorpio can represent the Brat and the Demon within who really want the same thing:  security. Taurus may strive for material security and Scorpio emotional, but these two are in numerous ways complimentary. Even though Scorpio’s time soon comes to a close, Sagittarius beginning on November 22nd, Scorpio’s energy will hold focus within this axis, which will be felt for the next 2 years. 

I often think of Scorpio as holding the narrative of innocence to destruction, deeply felt, and in the end all-knowing. Preteen me was drawn to Carrie White and Sylvia Plath, the thresholds of Death as Transformation, along with a comprehension of the primitive pain that only Scorpio energy seems capable of embracing. Admittingly, this energy annoyingly informed my adolescent anger and perpetual pouting more than necessary, but it also was a great catalyst for justice, healing, rebirth.

I think back on the path which we have crawled astrologically and seasonally in the past few months. Archetypically, from Virgo to Libra to Scorpio, the Persephone tale of Maiden who gains knowledge of how she relates to world, to herself, and the perceptions in between, thru raw truths of agenda and pain, then the descent into the Darkness of secrets and inevitably a kind of Death to the life she knew before. Carrie White is the perfect representative of this in the horror movie realm, thrust into a visceral unveiling of innocence to pure annihilation. Discovering Sylvia Plath around the same impressionable age, her poetry was a passionate flirtation with destruction (it makes sense that Plath herself was a Scorpio). These personas have been heavy on our minds whilst working on our “dark femme teen” theme of the SYMPOSIUM III print zine that is available for preorder today. 

Taurus has a wonderful grounding energy in comparison to the dark fog of Scorpio. Ruled by Venus, Taurus is fresh, bright, clear, determined towards a more positive outcome. She wants to create a “home” wherever she goes. Though she may be headstrong, she is extremely dependable. Thus, the Taurus-Scorpio axis can be a doorway to understanding our defense mechanisms built out of self-preservation that may be hiding much older wounds still in need of compassion. Maybe we have created narratives through our healing paths that have too strongly attached to our sense of self. 

Eclipses, no matter what the placements, are not great for magick work, despite their seeming possibility for greatness. Eclipse energy is strong, but it is so strong that it is quite chaotic. In the words of David Odyssey, “An eclipse is a portal, through which the demons of your subconscious creep into exposure. This is not the time for mood boards and manifesting.” Accepting rather than resisting eclipse energy can create a perfect time to reflect, and in the sense of a Full Moon eclipse, to let go. Cry, journal, sleep, observe, purge, but it is always better to lean on the side of “DO NOTHING” over a big ritual. To make space for the future, we must be able to feel our fear, remember our traumas, and even embrace that which has negatively affected us in the most silly of ways, and lovingly send these memories on their way.