My Aim is True

As the first day of 2022’s Sagittarius Season welcomes the Sag New Moon the day after, the adventurous fire sign brings the warmest end-of-the-year cheer, creating connection and charisma to sustain us as we near the Winter realm.

Sagittarius is an adventuresome sign, the life of the party who can keep their cards close and also chat up any bystander. With a personality that naturally faces the challenge of balance, whether work-life, solo-social, sweet-sour, open-aloof, behind every Sagittarius is great capacity for philosophy, a sponge for information and a passion for the Pursuit of Truth. 

As one of many major Sagittarius themes, The Pursuit of Truth is particularly relevant as we near the end of the year. In the jolly and oft overstuffed month of December, we are put in positions to interact with those who may not see eye-to-eye (co-workers, family, travelers). We deal with intense amounts of stress, and reach to our vices to cope with the busy calendar. And we reflect on our recent life, who we are, how we have grown and what has happened. Amongst the hurry of the Holidaze, sometimes it seems easiest to file away many different parts in one box with a nice little label to identify the experiences, places and people of the past years. Life and all its complications, however, are just not that simple. 

The passing of time amplifies how quickly life passes us by, especially as the year comes closer to a close. Sagittarius as the Centaur and the Archer (often depicted as both) challenges how we internalize and react to information. Everything around us, down to the very root of our relationships with processing and perspective at large, is worth understanding.

As we have narrowly escaped Eclipse Season, Sagittarius Season feels like an opportunity to confront how we bend the concept of Truth and modify it to fulfill what we think we need in the moment. Our trauma- or privilege-informed experiences can distort summarizations all whilst based on the smallest shreds of information. Sagittarius in detriment is well-known for brutal honesty, with deadly focus on flaws, and without considering their own faults or feeling out the energy of the overall situation. Suddenly, the bubbly fun friend is using every psychological tactic to win an argument, when really they just want to be seen. And isn’t that the way of the Human world in reaction and response? 

In the past few years, we’ve had to battle misinformation and gaslighting around safety and decency towards others. A long drawn out game masking fear, vulnerability and all of the inner issues behind the hatred, we can not change each poorly influenced mind who has fallen prey to bigotry. I do have a big belief that resistance takes a lot of solid kindness, but honesty, with oneself. It depends on our willingness to let go of what we know and be open, truly, to change.

To share a personal story, I recently celebrated my 3 years alcohol sobriety. After years of working in the entertainment and night life industries, in which booze and drugs are heavily present, facing the truth of my alcoholism, the generational curse of it, the way it was destroying lives around me and my own, was beyond needed. Alcoholism allowed abusers into my life, as my intuition and standards were hazy. (This is not to say that even in my addiction I deserve what happened to me, just that for me personally, I may have avoided certain connections if I had the clarity of sobriety on my side.)

As someone who now feels more comfortable in social situations with alcohol present, I’ve been absolutely grateful for the alcohol alternatives available in recent years. One of my favorites, Curious Elixirs, offers complex pre-blended booze-free cocktails with adaptogenic and herbal additionals that create a bit of enhancement especially for the alcohol-free and sober-curious. Absolutely great for the Holidaze without the Daze-y Haze of harmful intoxication!