My Aim is True

Our view of the truth is usually a reflection of ourselves. With the upcoming Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Sagittarius, we are challenged by how we see everything around us, down to the very root of our relationships with processing and perspective at large.

Sagittarius is an adventuresome sign that also requires adequate recharge, the life of the party who either keeps their cards close or emo voms on the unsuspecting bystander. With a personality that naturally faces balance, whether work-life, solo-social, sweet-sour, open-aloof, behind every Sagittarius is some capacity for philosophy, a sponge for information and a passion for the Pursuit of Truth. 

As one of many major Sagittarius themes, The Pursuit of Truth is particularly relevant as we near the end of 2021. In the jolly and oft overstuffed month of December, we mingle and interact with those who may not see eye-to-eye. We travel, we celebrate, we appreciate, all important themes of the Sagittarius persona. We think about life, what it means, who we are, how we have grown and what has happened. Amongst the hurry of the Holidaze, we can’t help but try to make sense of it all. Sometimes it seems easiest to simplify each aspect and place the many different parts in a box with a nice little label to identify the experiences, places and people of the past year. But Life and all its complications are just not that simple. 

Solar Eclipses have long been a symbol of a new beginning; paired with the New Moon in Sag, this is an opportunity to focus on how we bend the concept of Truth and modify our view to fulfill our own good or ill will. Humans frequently create truths that are actually entirely fiction! Our trauma- or privilege-informed experiences can distort summarizations all whilst based on the smallest shred of information. Sagittarius in detriment is well-known for brutal honesty, with deadly focus on flaws, and without considering their own faults or feeling out the energy of the overall situation. Suddenly the bubbly fun friend is a demon in disguise, using every psychological tactic to win an argument or feel superior. And isn’t that the way of the Human world in reaction and response? 

In the past 2 years, we’ve had to battle misinformation, the stupidity of categorization, judgment and other imperfect processes that allow for un-rounded concepts to be attached to what we think the “truth” is. We have a chance to reset our view (with safety and sanity always in mind). What is the goal, instead of good or bad? Is there a path, or just an endgame of gloat? Are we able to see our dreams as realities? Are we being fair with and optimistic about ourselves and others? Possibilities are abundant with this powerful New Moon and Solar Eclipse, upcoming early AM on Saturday December 4th. It depends on our willingness to let go of what we know and be open, truly, to change.