The Great Conjunction of 2020, in review

With Jupiter entering Pisces December 28th, the Great Conjunction of Winter Solstice 2020 is of special interest for a look-back. Jupiter and Saturn, the largest planets in our solar system, united in our sky view, an occurrence that happens every 20 years. Though the planets are 450 million miles from one another, their alignment was the closest in many centuries, meeting at almost 0 degrees of Aquarius, and visible to much of the world. It marked the beginning of a 200-year Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction cycle for Air signs, closing out Earth’s previous reign. 

Jupiter and Saturn’s last meet-cute in Aquarius was 1405, shortly before the Fall of Constantinople and in the exit of the Dark Ages. Saturn is Structure and Jupiter is Expansion; their co-joined energies bring innovation from what may at first feel like limitation. Change in consciousness creates a strong sway in a different direction, though with some turmoil accompanied by lightning-fast transformation. The Great Conjunction of 2020 saw Aquarius’ “revolutionary” spirit gaining momentum after Capricorn’s year-ish of COVID Year 1, a time of strict rules (lockdown). Through social and environmental concerns, sometimes on opposite ends of the spectrum, Jupiter in Aquarius brought uprisings and challenges, along with the most obvious displays of privilege and public abuses of power by authorities than ever before, all within an extended pandemic. 

The ideology that Aquarius is “peace & love” is an overwrought cliche. Though there can be a strong want for unity, the individual and the collective may find themselves intertwined and able to coexist eventually, unique but united, all hopes for Air influence has not solidified yet. However, the process along the way is vital to the outcome, and 2020 was a time of important conflict, intense on conversation and community, in true Aquarian spirit. From May to July of 2021, Jupiter was briefly in Pisces, a moment of gatherings, largely in thanks to the vaccines. Otherwise, we’ve seen disruptions in healthcare, food supply and other resources, which will continue in the ongoing COVID crisis spilling into 2022. 

In the long-run, the mass fight against the Old Guilds challenges the Earth effect over the last 200-years. For example, the Industrial Age and its destruction of the planet while strong-holding labor from the people has been a large basis for what is now the cause ignited all over the board, a natural representation of the switch from Earth to Air energy. The concept of the Age of Aquarius was popular in the 1960’s as activism, anti-war and alternative lifestyles were being explored, but many astrologers believe that Winter Solstice 2020 was a more solid interest into the actual Age of Aquarius. Either way, the world is rising against the crimes brought forth through structural oppression in maintaining materialism. Aquarius’ year-shy stay in Jupiter was information overload, some accurate and some wide-sweeping and wild-catching logical fallacies. 

Looking back even farther, the Aquarius Great Conjunction of the early 1400’s was a time of recovery and re-invention. The Bubonic Plague halved the population of Europe in the 1300’s; from its chaos rose the Renaissance. Social advancements, self-awareness, poetic perspectives, scholars of not just geography, astronomy and science but music, architecture and zoology, the Renaissance was rich with art and culture and romance. While we now exist with a similar zest in the creative technology of the Aquarian Age of today, it will be curious to see how a Pisces Jupiter will influence the next year. 

What ahead for Jupiter in Pisces? Will it be dreamy? A breath of fresh sea breeze? A time to dive into the deep waters of healing? Doubled with possible sidetracks of January 2022’s Venus Retrograde, then a Mercury Retrograde, too much floating could be a dangerous start. We are already attempting to co-exist in climate change and political deceit. Humans must be resilient in order for Earth to be strong, but we are so susceptible to distraction, especially if we are blessed with some relief from the intensity of an Aquarius Jupiter. Looking forward, we have a better feeling for this new Jupiter placement in the jovial of dreamy Pisces, just please don’t get lost at sea.