Vulnerability is Strength

Each Full Moon takes on the qualities of the Moon’s astrological placement in which it sits. Monday January 17th will be illuminated by 2022’s first Full Moon in the sign of Cancer, during the last days of Capricorn, mere days into Mercury Retrograde and the extended Venus Retrograde. 

The Water Goddess known as Cancer is often touted as “sensitive”, and while this statement has some truth, Cancer is not the cliche society says it to be. Cancer’s mightiest blessing is intuition and wisdom in understanding the human heart. In balance, Cancer’s bright and beautiful capacity of sound support and patience creates solid and loving environments, wanting what is best for all, including themselves. In instability, Cancer risks being too patient or forgiving, stuck in a cycle. Doubled with the current Mercury Retrograde AND Venus Retrograde, it is time to get clear on what we have room for and let go of what is no longer serving us. Issues around self-worth and self-doubt are key; additionally, there is an obvious affiliation with Cancer that rings relevant at the beginning of any year.

Cancer rules the familial and domestic, its shell a home, dwelling in the womb of the World (sea) and burrowing in the Earth (sand), safe and snug. Swift on its many feet with claws that are both a tool and a weapon, crabs are both communal and introspective. Our physical homes may still need a New Year refresh, but perhaps our minds need it, too. The beginning of the Gregorian calendar pushes us to make resolutions; Full Moons are check-ins to measure our goals REALISTICALLY, accepting limitations and fostering a willingness to make the best of what we can currently work with. All Full Moons are swelled with emotion and energy, perfect for shedding a role, finishing a task or closing a chapter. Cancer’s emotional tides can assist in us tapping into our inner selves, an opportune time to journal and do shadow work. 

This Full Moon is also known in Native American tradition as the Wolf Moon, acknowledged in astrological and astronomical charts. Wolves represent courage to overcome obstacles, strength in society and skill in survival, especially in Winter, hence the name of this particular moon phase. The Wolf’s practical yet poetic mythology shows their purpose as a unit in harsh conditions. Combining Cancer with the Wolf Moon in an Aquarius Mercury Retrograde provides a wake-up call to face truths, not just embracing what makes us feel falsely better, a detriment of “spiritual” moon magick. Coming to acceptance in the difficult ways in which we can move forward with strength, the allowance of vulnerability is first and foremost. In a world of chaos, we may retreat from what is around us, to not be drowned by the weight of pain. Aligning with MLK Day, it’s natural for the mind to be heavy with racism, capitalism and poverty. The highly overwhelming cries for change continue to rise to the surface, against what seems like impossibly strong systems that have caused generational trauma. 

What can we do to strengthen our resolve to help others and take care of ourselves at the same time? What do we want to teach in our homes? How can we help our communities? How can we have less fluff in our day-to-day business duties and get down to the heart of actions that will propel us forward? The combined energies of the many placements bring all these things to mind. Blessed Be to you all – and may you have warmth and healing in this Full Cancer Wolf Moon!