New Moon, New Lunar New Year

The first day of February marks an important marker in the Seasons:  the midway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. 

The Lunar New Year and Imbolc align with today’s Aquarius New Moon, a majorly monumental moment in 2022 for manifestation. These celebrations couldn’t come at a better time as Winter Depression lingers for many. Navigating isolation and frigid weather, we are tired of shivering in the enormous ominous shadow of Omicron, no outdoor gatherings in sight. Our hurried sprint towards warmth as the chill permeates in our shoes is no longer cozy. Spatial proportions of the cramped status quo, wrapped like a mummy, constrained in lack of movement, craves a want of freedom. 

Artist: Lu Hong

It’s no surprise that LIGHT is symbolic in these centuries-long celebrations. Imbolc originated from the Celtic pagans, honoring fertility in the Earth’s preparation for Spring and the birth seasonality of the Isle animals during shorter days. Brigid, the Goddess of Hearth, Healing, Poetry, Smiths and Childbirth is at Imbolc’s center, often depicted in a long gown with fiery red locks amongst the forest’s lush greenery. Her lore is woven into the land and beyond; Irish Saint Brigid of Kildare shares the same name and is celebrated the same day, a strategic switch for Christianity. The significance of this time is symbolic regardless of belief, explained in Survival of a Goddess

“To fully grasp the significance of Imbolc it is necessary to understand the life-and-death struggle represented by winter in any agrarian society. In a world lit only by fire the snow, cold and ice of this season literally holds you in its grip, only relaxed with the arrival of spring. Although the Equinox does not arrive until later and spring is celebrated with Ostara and Beltane, Imbolc is the harbinger and the indication that better times are coming.”

Around the world, the Year of the Water Tiger is being celebrated for 2022’s Lunar New Year. Often referred to as the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, different Asian nations hold a variation of traditions, special treats and attire according to regional culture, and ancestral honor with tokens of good luck for the year to come are always present. Fireworks, lanterns and candles bring in an element of illumination, used as symbols of hope alongside lore of chasing away darkness and demons. The Aquarius New Moon is in perfect calendar placement, a new cycle, a new month, ushering in innovation during trying times, asking us to see situations in a new light or try a new approach. 

Artist: Lu Hong

Best Blessings to all in this time!