Of Being Pure at Heart

To me, Pisces is a sign that oozes Creativity and in a lot of ways, unfiltered emotion and dreaminess, much like the energies of Childhood. As known, New Moons are often great for new intentions and Full Moons function to let go, but either can be used for release and healing. The heavy haze in which we are existing, the climate of capitalism, classism and the military industrial complex that creates pain worldwide has shook us into a further hyper-vigilant and apocalyptic mindset. All the more need for Hope, all the more need for Love.

Today’s Pisces New Moon is perfect to clear the cumbersome clouds of despair! We’ve talked before about the importance of “inner child” work previously and it is a subject we feel is never a one and done. Our “inner child” needs a check-in periodically and Pisces energy is perfect for soothing us when we are sad and scared, despite the Sign’s tendency to sometimes float into these very attributes. Today, take just a small step back and find focus on the kid you once were, who wanted to play and create, who saw goodness and grace, who moved in kindness and curiosity. 

This is not to say that we need to ignore the horrors of our reality unfolding around us. It is to say that we may benefit by allowing ourselves to feel our grief and also find our center. If managed, to find the seed of goodness that existed in all of us as children may be a helpful reconnection at this time. It is also an opportunity to allow ourselves to rest, to dream, to be still and reflect, to imagine a better world, one that believes there is a possibility of peace in this life. Sending love to all! More Pisces New Moon affirmations available via Instagram

Main image by Rika Oshima.

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