Balance Acting

You can block off time but there will be distractions, obstacles… sometimes you may not even be able to begin what you want. 

This is the way of the World now. The Virgo Full Moon is upon us and carving out tick-tock, preparing for moonlight rituals, feet in grass, symphonies of wind and twinkle of stars. “Kid power” has been in mind coming off the recent Pisces New Moon. From the fairy tales and folklore we so love, passed down from centuries of crones and recirculated with children, inspiring our imaginations, there is a lot to be said about Fantasy. There are lessons in the dreamy overtones, even when it can be something of an escape. There is also something to be said about Reality, being planted firmly on the ground. This groundedness we also crave is Virgo energy in full force.  

As the Spring Equinox approaches Sunday, a couple of days after the Virgo Full Moon, balance of night and day come into play. To be graced with creative approaches again, in the midst of this, is a better use of time than the Scroll of Doom. Yet so many of us have no choice but to submit to breaking our backs for security, shelter, sustenance. 

In theory, if one could live off coffee, they believe they could chase “happiness”, as if rest is the enemy of growth. The dream to make art or “work” at what you love and never wake up in the middle of the night due to bad dreams because you can be awake forever… This is a faux pas of great proportions. There is no shame in low-energy; we are already burnt out from catching up, trying to survive, and all the aggressive propulsions that go with the concept of the New Year. In the pit of us, we dream of Rest. 

Take the wired bachelorette pursuing cooking skills and Medieval workouts, overwrought, and now wanting to PUNCH TIME IN THE NUTS. Brainwashed into believing there ARE enough hours in the day (how to use them wisely and blah blah blah, an exploitation queen complaining that “people do not want to work”, infuriating everyone). The monsters are all whispering:  

“Stay productive, be creative.”

Looking around, she aims to be surrounded by only things useful or “inspiring”. And in her free time burning a hole through it all:  GIMME DANCING OR GIMME DEATH. Raising energy for the RISE ABOVE warrior-ess until she’s so tired that she can not stand. Forcing herself to eat the berries, belligerating herself to tap into mind/body connection:  YOU’RE ONLY AS HEALTHY AS YOU FEEL alongside the idea that YOU CAN SLEEP WHEN YOU ARE DEAD.

Creativity does not equal Productivity, and whoever says otherwise is trying to sell you something. Balance is personal and there is no one way it will ever look, considering that it is often impossible to achieve. Let the Earth Goddess Virgo make a soothing pot of evaluation soup for the soul to ponder over at your own pace. Let it warm you with a reality that does not tamper your dreams. Spring’s green energy bursts forth chaotically, perhaps patience is worth it. Perhaps you don’t need to pressure yourself into doing everything.

Artwork by Helen Frankenthaler

Published by The Femme Moon

Zine & Meme Collective out of ATL, GA since 2020. Focusing on Moon Magick, Astro Archetypes, Seasonal Shifts & Psychological Empowerment.