The Erratic Energy of Eclipse Season

Eclipse season is here, unearthing stability and shaking up the foundations of life for many. Today’s New Moon in Taurus kicks off a partial Solar Eclipse, visible to most of South America, and doubles as a Black Moon, the phenomenon of two New Moons in a calendar month. 

Rewind to the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius, near an earnest Earth Day, we’ve been surviving under a prolonged focus of crisis, the unheard voices echoing to a whisper while the calendar opportunity aids corporations and industries in pandering and pretending they are not destroying the entire Planet known as our Mother Earth. Reaching deep within my own understanding, in any true pause I’m able to muster, it is possible that many people have not even truly processed the pandemic, and the constant onslaught of ever-changing crises being reported daily, at all.

In slowly unpacking the 2+ years of the pandemic, the 4 years of the Trump administration, a time in which human rights have decreased statistically in the U.S. and the rights of workers, trans bodies and reproductive choice all under constant threat, we are tired. Within the pockets of isolation and repeat shock of info via social media, process response has sharply aligned to a coping mechanism of disassociation. Energies move and accrue quickly and often times can not be released with complete comprehension, stagnating in spaces and creating dis-ease (homes, bodies, psyches). 

Eclipses create an environment in which it is best to pause and reassess lovingly and gently, perhaps best to also get into the mode for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde. Keeping it as simple as possible, the urge to continue with a Spring Clean takes on additional meaning. The waning moon during a typical month is ideal for brewing ideas towards upcoming New Moon intention setting. However, in the context of an Eclipse, “manifesting” can cross with chaos. As careers, home, finances, plans, routines and anxiety levels have drastically changed over the recent years, we may be brought back to questions on how to move forward with these factors. We may find ourselves grieving, both for the physical losses of human life, general hope for the Future or the “normal” that we will never know again.

Attending to mental health by letting go of the mundane feels ideal after the compounding and emotional exhaustion of our ever-changing global situation. We will always have heavy questions in the back of our mind:  What will we do with the unexpected fate that has been bestowed upon us? How will we handle the heavy weight of our lives being rearranged? How will we conduct our day-to-day to feel we are still engaging in our Futures? These continue to feel just as pressing as the initial knowledge and shock of COVID-19 in our lives of March 2020. In edit from our assumed plans, we must transform, half in giving to the vulnerability and lack of choice, half in empowering and finding new footing in the Unknown path that lies ahead, full of uncertainty. We must Metamorph, socially, individually, politically, globally. 

Today, it is powerful to pause. It is worth our time appreciation the beauty of the Earth, to spark creativity, embrace community, despite ideas of “End Times”. “BE HERE NOW” means much n more in an era of futility and fear. All is uncertain, dear… Love as much as you can.

Illustrations by Bill Crisafi