Duality is Done

As lovers of lore and cycles, passed through space and time, it’s no surprise that The Femme Moon as a project utilizes archetypes and symbolism. The most prominent type of belief-symbols throughout history and culture is that of Duality. Ever present in stories of Life and Death, the Sun and Moon, Good and Evil, Masculine and Feminine, no matter what form, opposites or two sides of the same coin, Duality has held standard for its universal appeal… And yet the bounds of binaries limit a deeper understanding into the truly complicated chaos and richness that is Nature. 

Hieronymus Bosch

Name a more iconic duo than Gemini. You can’t.

Symbolized by The Twins, Gemini is indeed the strongest astrological archetype representing Two. In Greek mythology, Castor and Pollux were a metaphor for “a dual-natured personality: sometimes contradictory but also adaptable with the capability to view life from different angles.” Ranging from two-faced devil’s advocates to the supreme social butterfly of the Zodiac, Gemini has been burdened with a perception of being flippant or to-and-fro, no matter how positive or negative the connotation. 

Frida Kahlo

Yet, as known great thinkers who research and soak in information, this mutable Air sign should be viewed for their multifaceted wisdom. Especially when optimized and optimistically realistic, Gemini is a connector and facilitator of dialogue, hardly an advocate of “black-and-white thinking”. Their ability to move through the world and situations with spiny tingly senses of both intellect and emotion is a true asset. As the gift of gab lies in Gemini’s domain, the social butterfly-esqe love of interaction and exploration is also met with a need for retreat and decompression. 

The New Moon on Monday (queue Duran Duran) is the first New Moon free of the now finished Spring Eclipse Season, a harborer for much chaos. Where many have been burning the candle at both ends, stress and grief seeping into our physical wellness inevitably calls for a timeout. This Gemini New Moon in particular may grant an opportunity to pause but be present and sit with the discomfort surrounding us. Imagining better possibilities and considering all aspects of our multifaceted personal and collective makeup, perhaps this phase can create solutions. The Gemini New Moon is a sparkling moment to gently recognize the ways in which we need to re-balance, re-new, re-vive, all great practices during Mercury Retrograde.

Wellness isn’t about you or me; it’s about WE.

Susan Hall

How can we recognize the parts that have gone wayside during stressful times? How can we attune our values in a whirlwind of an unknown future? What parts of us, our communities or the bigger picture are we ignoring because they may be painful to look at? How is detachment serving us? How do we process information without looking away? How can we actually sit with the knowledge of horror and hate in this world instead of brushing it under the rug and “moving forward”? What will it truly take to get un-stuck?

Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée

Additionally, Taurus makes her presence known again, arriving in its ruling planet of Venus on Saturday, another opportunity to re-balance the Mind-Body connection. A sensual sign with obvious Earth elementals, its fanciful frolic into Venus after an exhausting Eclipse season, during the tail end of chaotic Mercury Retrograde, is ideal. Getting in touch with the physical realm to recharge, rest and rouse the Body in intention of Love with a Taurean slow and steady groove is conducive to healing. Since I personally find deep associations between the macro and micro and allow myself to sit with feelings of discomfort regarding the information happening around me, the need to honor physical wellness when my mind is racing is massive. While Taurus is in Venus from May 28 to June 22, we are reminded to embrace the nourishment of the material world.

Even though some powers in society may want to police the body, Venus in Taurus can be a radical at of self-love. Sexuality and identity are sacred; to live in a world in which we can express ourselves freely without punishment is important. We have been reminded again and again that our bodily existence is not safe, no matter who we are. Politically, we face severance of roots to bodily autonomy and security. We face the fear of untimely mortality too frequently in these intense times. Venus in Taurus reminds us to be kind to ourselves and others. Combined with the info-exploratory cheer of Gemini Season and the Gemini New Moon, grounding ourselves with compassion and connection, be it to lovers, friends, community or just our own selves, can be a radical act of Love.