Aquarius has our full attention

….not just because, as a Sun sign, it holds the reigning position for many collaborators, friends, my wubby and even my own #1 placement.

Today we are graced with a Full Supermoon in Aquarius. A welcome marker inching towards Autumn, the duality of Leo and Aqua is one we particularly love but is not without much intensity. Imbalances between the macro and micro, the Ego and the Greater Good, surface easily with this lunar energy, though not an uncommon observance in these torrid, troubled times. Drastically, devastatingly, perhaps divinely, Aquarius is Idealistic yet also a Deconstructionist. Innovation and introspection are the strong suit of this strongest Air sign. However, in Full Moon form, Aquarius can be murky, better to be experienced than actualized. Observation is your best bet in the wily, windy wilds of this August 2022 Supermoon.

Kate Bush (whose Moon is in Aquarius and Sun in Leo) by Guido Harari

In 2021, we were graced with TWO AQUA FULL MOONS. On a larger scale, however, the cosmos more importantly dealt with a shift as Jupiter switched back into the Aqua realm late July. Since 2020’s Winter Solstice, the Great Conjunction has re-energized Aqua energies in general. Some believe that the Age of Aquarius started in the ’60s, the Internet age of the ’90s, but perhaps it was possibly ushered in again recently. The “astrological age”, one of the least defined phenomena by astrologers, is fuzzy to pinpoint, but significant. Naive belief systems versus heightened consciousness, swift overwhelming presence of arcane misogynistic racism, murders abounding mid-year, climate crisis quickening at the pace… whatever concepts of a fantastical Pleiadian bubble of bliss has quickly become frantic Paleolethic pandemonium. Still, with starry eyes, Saturn’s endings and Jupiter’s higher awakening promised to open a sort of portal to stubborn minds, for better or worse. This concept repeats in question with the 2022 August Aqua Full Moon. 

In the present, Jupiter is Rx until November 23rd, from Aries and then back into Pisces at the end of October. Exploring our fundamental self, observing blessings, correcting course, all are Jupiter Rx cornerstones to help tether this Full Moon if needed. I do find it annoying that Aquarius is portrayed as “hippie dippie”, though the passionate part rings true. I see Aquarius more as a wizard, a scientist, always creative, though possibly teetering between air-head and analytical AI vibes. But IDEAS, always ideas. Maybe so many ideas that one can not even keep up! Time is ripe for jotting down all the things that dreamily saunter thru your mind, but pressure to act upon anything at all will be a missed opportunity of EXPERIENCING this Moon in best.

The Lunar Aquarian is eccentric, artistic and capable of interpretation: “Those with the Moon in Aquarius seem to have access to the mysteries of the universe through their inner lives.” Since The Femme Moon light-heartedly explores archetypes in mythology and pop culture, ancient and modern alike, our love for Kate Bush seems a perfect representation of the Aquarius Moon (enjoy our memeries over at the Concoctionary IG). Not only is her Moon in Aquarius and her Sun in Leo, Kate’s Mercury is also in Virgo, all current planetary positions of this Aquarian August Full Moon. The Sun will soon move into Virgo around August 22nd, and the organizational Earth Goddess goodness will take over Leo’s zesty playfulness as Summer simmers down. Until then, we enjoy this sliver of Leo Sun and newly Leo Venus energy in all its sun-kissed celebration.

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