The Erratic Energy of Eclipse Season

Eclipse season is here, unearthing stability and shaking up foundations for some, deepening wholeness and self-compassion for others.

While cliches have been connected with Eclipses since the beginning of time, Earth always witnesses 2 Eclipse “Seasons” a year, starting in the Spring and the Autumn. Late April kicked off a New Moon in Taurus and partial Solar Eclipse, visible to most of South America, doubling as a Black Moon, a phenomenon known for two New Moons in a calendar month.

Today, October 25th, we will experience the New Moon in Scorpio and again a partial Solar Eclipse. Scorpio’s intense association with the Shadow Side further dramatizes this cosmic event. As the Sun, Moon and Venus are all at 2 degrees of Scorpio, astro-energies are primed by an incredibly positive aspect of Scorpio’s power: transformation.

Eclipses create an environment in which it is best to pause and reassess lovingly and gently, useful for forgiveness and reviewing the ways in which we have changed. To me personally, Eclipses are not best for traditional Moon Magick and ritual work. Keeping it as simple as possible, the waning moon may be best for a revisit of intention setting as the context of an Eclipse can cross with chaos.

The archetypical idea of Scorpio holding the tale of innocence to destruction, deeply felt and in the end all-knowing, is a parallel theme to our October Patreon feature. AnarchAngel is a DIY ’90s zine, an homage to the femme teen discovering the ways in which the world is horrid and dangerous, while viewing the experiences through a fairytale lens. Drawn to characters like Carrie White and the poetry of Sylvia Plath, the thresholds of Death as Transformation becomes romanticized in youth, and yet lodges itself in the psyche long after high school combat boots and black lipstick are discarded. Carrie White is the perfect representative of this in the horror movie realm, thrust into a visceral unveiling of innocence to pure annihilation. Discovering Sylvia Plath around the same impressionable age, her pen was a passionate flirtation with destruction (AND it makes sense that Plath herself was a Scorpio). These personas were of course heavy on our minds whilst bringing up memories for the theme of our SYMPOSIUM III print zine.

With comprehension that the primitive pain Scorpio seems solely capable of embracing, admittingly this same energy annoyingly informed adolescent anger and perpetual pouting more than necessary. The same depths were also a great catalyst for justice, healing, rebirth. In a way, reviving her mode of perspective, her flowery prose and razor sharp tongue, was a way to put the past self to rest. Not just because her romanticization of the horrors put upon her was a coping mechanism to deal with the destruction and abuse around her, but because wanting to have an understanding of her from this distance and to let her know she survived is a greater gift.

In the words of David Odyssey, “An eclipse is a portal, through which the demons of your subconscious creep into exposure. This is not the time for mood boards and manifesting.” Accepting rather than resisting is one aspect; incorporating the swallowed hurt from early experience and letting it live and grow inside oneself to become part of your identity is another. Scorpio gives grievance to these past selves, and in the sense of eclipse energy, gives us ponder to let go informally. Cry, journal, sleep, observe, always best to lean on the side of “DO NOTHING” over a big ritual. The timing couldn’t be better to make space for the future. As the cosmos starts to wrap up its time of the Scorpio-Taurus axis, we must be able to feel our fear, remember our traumas and even embrace that which has negatively affected us in the most silly of ways, and lovingly send these memories on their way. Only if we can give ourselves a moment to, of course.

With Love and Gratitude!

Illustrations by Bill Crisafi