Eclipse Sips, Node Nods

In November 2021, Earth experienced its longest Partial Lunar Eclipse since the 1440’s, a 6-hour process where the Earth’s shadow created a gradual red tint to the moon. Quite a sight to behold, we were able to see it in the States clearly and not unhappy in the least to wake up with a 3:45 alarm, bundled up to peer at our silver celestial goddess in all her epic blood-washed beauty.

Tuesday November 8th will be the last Eclipse of 2022 and like last year, a Blood Moon.

The Full Moon in Taurus will host a Total Lunar Eclipse, once again be visible to us EST folks, and at slightly more manageable hours in the AM, though likely still adjusting to Daylight Savings on Sunday. Eclipses always marks change, exuding intense energy that can overwhelm humanity the week before and after its actual event. No better time to sit with one’s discomfort and face aspects once avoided.

Eclipses reveal what needs to come to the surface in order to pass into the next phase.

Additionally, Eclipse Seasons reflect on the current Nodal Cycle. A great explanation from Hannah’s Elsewhere is that the North Node can be seen as the Receiver and the South Node can be seen as the Giver. Tuesday’s Sun in Scorpio combined with the Full Moon in Taurus is a reflection of a longer Taurus’s North Node/Scorpio’s South Node duality, giving all Eclipses of 2022 an extra layer of cosmic crux. Taurus/Scorpio can represent a fixed sign showdown between stability and chaos, stubbornness and change.

In reductive but real tones nevertheless, Taurus and Scorpio can represent the Brat and the Demon within who really want the same thing:  security. Taurus may strive for material attachment and Scorpio emotional ties, but nonetheless these seemingly “opposite” Astro powerhouses are complimentary. Taurus has a wonderful grounding energy in comparison to the dark fog of Scorpio. Ruled by Venus, Taurus is fresh, bright, clear, determined towards positive outcomes. She wants to create a cozy “home” wherever she goes, and though she may be headstrong, she is extremely dependable. Thus, the Taurus-Scorpio Axis can be a doorway to understanding our defense mechanisms built out of self-preservation that may be hiding much older wounds still in need of compassion.

I personally attach ancestral themes to both Taurus’s strong root in the physical world and Scorpio’s deep knowing into transformation. To me, the Taurus/Scorpio Axis is a metaphorical mirror into the Land of the Living and the Realm of the Dead, as well as the nurturing and inheritance of Truth in blood lines. The end of October, beginning of November, is culturally important for remembrance. Sending peaceful wishes to those celebrating Day of the Dead and Samhain during this time, and may your honor of those Passed be sweetened with serenity to help those at rest.

As we mosey into November with the Lunar Eclipse a week from today, the Nodes may inspire us to look over this past Node Cycle which started January 18th. The Lunar Eclipse will share the same date as U.S. Election Day (check where you can vote, and if you can vote early, according to your state). Please consider voting this Election period for the Future’s sake, especially regarding safety and Reproductive Rights.

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