Curious Elixirs

Recently celebrating by 3-year alcohol-sobriety, friends at our gatherings are always intrigued by my mocktail options. As someone who now feels more comfortable in social situations with alcohol present, I’ve been absolutely grateful for the alcohol alternatives available in recent years.

My hands-down favorites brand Curious Elixirs offers complex booze-free cocktails with no need for mixers, delicious and decadent with each blended bottle. Adaptogenic and herbal additions create some mood enhancement without overkill, taking some of the edge off, especially for the alcohol-free and sober-curious. Absolutely great for the Holidaze without the Daze-y Haze of harmful intoxication!

For years we host a “Tropical Winter” shindig with frothy fruity drinks the menu and tacky holiday sweaters as the dress code. Sparked by an Actually Huizenga song alluding to global warming, the annual party serves as a ridiculous kitschy re-imagining of an alternate “Holi-gay holiday party”, no skimping on the sweets and treats. Alongside maraschino cherries and flamingo swizzle sticks in tiki ceramics full of rum punch shimmering in pulsing party lights, our new must-have is Curious Elixirs No. 6: “A booze-free tropical tipple that infuses cream of coconut, pineapple, citrus, oat milk, and chicory root with lemon balm and nutmeg to help you unwind, plus aloe for a beauty boost”.

To share a personal story, after years of working in the entertainment and night life industries, in which booze and drugs are heavily present, facing the truth of the way in which alcohol was destroying my health and lives of those around me and my own was beyond needed. The clarity of sobriety has been a blessing and I believe alcohol-free options outside of just soda water or soft drinks is very classy to have at any party.

Published by The Femme Moon

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