The Holi-daze Gaze

Sugar spun is the end of the year, fast and sweet and often too much of a good thing. 

We’re officially seeking comfort and care, not an easy feat in the Holi-daze Gaze of parties, parties, parties a.k.a. the overstuffed commitments shoved into the calendar month of darling, dazzling December. If the business of being busy weren’t enough, the Sun hangs out in adventuresome Sagittarius, the life of the party who both keeps their cards close but also can chat up the most shy bystander into a relaxed rhythm. With a personality that faces the challenge of balance, whether work-life, solo-social, sweet-sour, open-aloof, behind every Sag is the Pursuit of Truth.

In reflective year-end cheer, we mingle with those who may not see eye-to-eye. We travel, celebrate, appreciate, all important themes of the Sagittarius persona. We ponder our lives’ meaning and how we’ve grown. Even in the Holidaze hurry, we still try to make sense of it all. Sometimes it seems easiest to simplify each aspect and place many different parts in a box with a nice little label to identify the experiences, places and people of the past year… but Life and all its complications are never that simple.

Sagittarius as the Centaur and the Archer veers between a jolly thrill-seeker type, born with a Lust for Life, yet can become dire serious on the turn of a dime. They fight smart and sharp, are passionate learners, and in many ways are the most refined Fire sign. Sagittarius energy emphasizes how we internalize and react to information. Everything around us, down to the very root of our relationships with processing and perspective at large, is worth understanding. The upcoming Full Moon in Gemini gives us an additional chance to reset restrictive views. What is our goal in conflict, and are we trying to “win” an argument? Is it really about what is “good” or “bad”? Is there a positive path, or just an endgame of gloat? Are we being fair with and optimistic about ourselves and others?

The Full Moon in Gemini has the potential to bring joy or drama. Maybe a bit of both.

Afterall, laughing and crying is Gemini’s dual disposition, and the December 7th Full Moon (or 8th, depending on location) sparks impulsive flip-flopping. It also can create a much needed many-sides-to-the-story pause when the space is created for such. In the era of battling misinformation, categorization, judgment and other imperfect processes that allowed un-rounded concepts to color the “truth”, we have a moment to perhaps soften our lens with love.

The Gemini Full Moon may empower us to express without worrying what others think or gift us with the discernment to uproot what lies beneath responses like anger or apathy. In a sweet nod to Sag SZN, Femme Moon editor Murda Hill montaged Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion, an appropriate anecdote on how shame and conflict from our past drags down the potential of the present. With the Full Moon in Gemini encouraged by Sag BFF energy, we have more can-do in ditching “cringe” to let joy infuse and enhance our lives once again. 

Though the Sagittarius New Moon of late November was freshly dug out of the Autumn eclipse cycle, the timing was basted with bad news. Togetherness for communities affected by varying tragedies has been awe-inspiring; we are absolutely living in a time of the people’s revolution. Mars Retrograde in Gemini stokes the planet of aggression with fervent chaos, intellectual meddling and gaslighting just as much tools for warfare. On December 29th, Mercury will begin another Retrograde as well. Both will turn direct mid-January.

As Capricorn Season always starts around the Winter Solstice, a couple of days later on the 23rd, we’ll have an opportunity to get clear on what we want for 2023 with the Capricorn New Moon. Emphasis on how quickly life passes us by, especially amplified as the year comes closer to a close, and the intense amount of Holiday stress convinces many to reach for vices to cope. We are prone to burn out. Our busy calendar and unfavorable situations are tricky to maneuver in the Sagittarius impulsivity, but hopefully we can pause and see the many sides to all, especially before reacting. Capricorn’s wisdom can help us be honest about the narratives we’d like to keep as December wraps up for the 2022 finale.

Speaking of joy and care, we’ve made a little 2022 Gift Guide to boost our favorite small businesses and brands, including our own limited Very Fae Kate Bush shirt design, printed and shipped by Bonfire. Grateful for the friends we’ve made along the way in the 2 years of this collective and happy to spread the cheer!

Best wishes to all! xo, Sun

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