Released on the November 19th Lunar Eclipse, AnarchAngel is part of the Symposium print series for Winter 2021/22. Focusing on the time frame of transformation in which sparkling innocence is faced with harsh realities, eye-opening experience processed through the perspective of fairy tale, medieval manuscripts and biblical themes provided the inspiration for Vol. III. Whether the embrace of the morose, the excitement of freedom or the fight against revealed struggles in the wake of obligatory “womanhood”, personal “rage” arches over the content of this black-and-white half-size publication.

Bleeding into persona during the tumult transit of femme teen-hood, AnarchAngel balances elements of mythological landscapes with a deviled dose of pop culture, referencing beloved ’90s and Noughts with nods to Twin Peaks, Virgin Suicides, Jennifer’s Body, and more. Precariously balancing between camp and conditioning, please note subject matter of abuse, assault and self-harm are included in this issue. Adolescent chaos and the male gaze are both looming themes, informant to the cause and destruct lined within Vol. III’s narrative works.

Contributors include: Anya Gibson, Cait Lamas, Syd Stanley, Murda Hill, Ben Montague, Faith Naoi, Lisa Kinne, Catherine Rush, Marshall Trotter, Madeline Lenahan, Damian Caballero, and Ros Elise Clark with art direction by Sun and final design by Liz. Additional collage assets by Aubrey Beardsley, Alphonse Inoue, Steven Arnold, Mira Fujita, Henry Weston Keen, Yoshitaka Amano, Vania Zouravliov, Book of Hours and more. (Please note that additional online elements are not necessarily reflective of the print content.)

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Illustration from William Shakespeare’s The Tempest by HC Selous