The Vegan Gravy Train

The Grit in Athens, GA has remained a major favorite for locals and visitors alike over decades and as a teen from ATL, I fell in deep amour with their strong savory plates and selection of pies. Whenever we travelled to the Southern college town just an hour or so east from Atlanta, we hadContinue reading “The Vegan Gravy Train”

Eclipse Season is here!

Early in the morning, the Full Moon experienced its longest partial lunar eclipse since the 1440’s. A six hour process, the Earth’s shadow created a gradual red tint to the moon. Such occurrences were given the name “blood moon” due to their hue. And quite a sight to behold, we were able to see itContinue reading “Eclipse Season is here!”

Daylight Savings of Your Soul

Daylight savings brings dread for some:  it grows darker quickly and after the typical American workday, it feels like night outside once out of the office. Perhaps the pandemic changes this for some: those who are still work-from-homers stretch their legs, more breaks taken… Either way, the cold is creeping in, along with many monthsContinue reading “Daylight Savings of Your Soul”

Samhain’s Solemn Spirit

As October comes to a close, it is natural to think of Death. Halloween, Samhain and the Mexican Day of the Dead all sit at the end of the calendar month, the latter spilling over into November. Placed between the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice, these observations not only mark the end of the Harvest,Continue reading “Samhain’s Solemn Spirit”

Elizabeth Bathory: The Lady is a Vamp

Elizabeth Bathory was a powerful Hungarian countess during the late 1500’s, known to have tortured and murdered roughly 600 individuals, primarily young women. Thus, Bathory is considered to have the highest number of victims, her body count surpassing most repeat murderers by double, if not triple, making her the most prolific serial killer in history.Continue reading “Elizabeth Bathory: The Lady is a Vamp”

For Love of the Femme Fatale

Like a cat, the femme fatale decides when she wants to play. If you cross her, scratched you very well may become. Precisely packaged as a film and TV trope, though existing in lore as far back as the biblical Eve and Lilith and the medieval Morgan le Fay, B-movies from the slick fantasy legendContinue reading “For Love of the Femme Fatale”

Fire, Walk With Me

Today’s Aries Full Moon brings passion and/or volatility to the forefront, depending on which way your scale tips. Ruled by Mars, Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, considered to be rather fierce and feisty as a persona. In positive tomes, Aries is confident and actionable. In detriment, Aries usually brings up one agreedContinue reading “Fire, Walk With Me”

A Hearty Hello to Mabon and the Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox, and the pagan Mabon, welcome Libra’s entrance, much to the delight of the pumpkin-spice obsessed cardigan creatures who have no sorrow for Summer-tide’s leave. Marching off to school as a child, shy as could be, my nose in books about forest warriors, lost maidens, wizards in wild woods, I looked forward toContinue reading “A Hearty Hello to Mabon and the Autumn Equinox”

Aquarius has our full attention

….not just because, as a Sun sign, it holds the reigning position for many collaborators, friends, my wubby and even my own #1 placement. This morning, Sunday August 22nd, we were graced with another Full Moon in Aquarius for 2021. That’s right! TWO AQUA FULL MOONS. A balance between the macro and micro comes deeplyContinue reading “Aquarius has our full attention”

Retrospective: CULOTTES compilation

Music made in people’s bedrooms, closets, makeshift studios, shows in living rooms, basements, small venues, have always tapped into DIY ethos. 5 years ago, CULOTTES, a 4-part comp of Atlanta and Athens DIY music, was created. With a concentration of queer ppl, femmes and allies, CULOTTES not only showcased the variation of the local communityContinue reading “Retrospective: CULOTTES compilation”

Summertime, Summertime

Summer, sometimes, feels like Hell on Earth. Though the Sun is my namesake, the overt warmth, brightness and humidity (esp. in GA) tends to chase me indoors, dragging from the depths memories of lazy school-free summers, downright depressed. Perhaps it is the lack of energy, or lamenting productivity disrupted… but even at rest, uncomfortable andContinue reading “Summertime, Summertime”

Looking at the Big Sky

Eclipse season is in action, driving more intensity, especially to those who are Moonie-minded.  Though receiving a break from ritual work, tool charging and beyond, this unique astrological time frame is not just a Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius during the Sag-Gemini axis, it is a Blood Supermoon with a total lunar eclipse. In orderContinue reading “Looking at the Big Sky”

Pink Supermoon, See You Soon

Happiest Monday, Moonies! A little over a year ago, during my midday walk in Oakland cemetery, I remember being keenly aware of the air. I was always one to relish in the breeze, pondering where it traveled, like an invisible dragon between the mammoth rosemary bushes and graves of yonder years. Yet as I lookedContinue reading “Pink Supermoon, See You Soon”

Through the Darkness of Future Past

2020 did not turn out as anyone expected… The understatement of understatements. Unless you are some kind of psychic, no one saw this massively disruptive (albeit reflective) year a-coming. And forward, no one truly knows what the Future holds. What we do know are certain alignments from the Past. This Eve finds Future/Past doing aContinue reading “Through the Darkness of Future Past”

MoonAge HoliDayDream

This is the first year in many that we aren’t hosting our “Tropical Winter” shindig full of frothy fruity drinks and tacky holiday sweaters. Sparked by a colleague’s song, alluding to global warming (or Southern hemisphere surfin’ Santas), the event served as a ridiculous “adulthood” re-imagining of an alternate reality “holiday party”, no skimping onContinue reading “MoonAge HoliDayDream”