The Fool on the Hill

We live in a world where everyday we must wrap our heads around promises that are make-believe, ideas fed since childhood unbeknownst to us as marketing ploys for endless devotion to capitalism. When you realize you’ve been had, living up to these pitches for becoming a pawn all along, it’s entirely appropriate that questions aboutContinue reading “The Fool on the Hill”

The Love Language of Lions

Starting Monday, Mercury moved back into Aquarius while on Wednesday, Mars (action) and Venus (love) will conjunct within Capricorn’s domain. Occurring onward for a month, the world will experience a range of energetic modalities during a retrograde-free period for all planetary palaces. Past this upcoming weekend, the United States will have its Pluto Return andContinue reading “The Love Language of Lions”

New Moon, New Lunar New Year

The first day of February marks an important marker in the Seasons:  the midway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.  The Lunar New Year and Imbolc align with today’s Aquarius New Moon, a majorly monumental moment in 2022 for manifestation. These celebrations couldn’t come at a better time as Winter Depression lingersContinue reading “New Moon, New Lunar New Year”

Vulnerability is Strength

Each Full Moon takes on the qualities of the Moon’s astrological placement in which it sits. Monday January 17th will be illuminated by 2022’s first Full Moon in the sign of Cancer, during the last days of Capricorn, mere days into Mercury Retrograde and the extended Venus Retrograde.  The Water Goddess known as Cancer isContinue reading “Vulnerability is Strength”

The Great Conjunction of 2020, in review

With Jupiter entering Pisces December 28th, the Great Conjunction of Winter Solstice 2020 is of special interest for a look-back. Jupiter and Saturn, the largest planets in our solar system, united in our sky view, an occurrence that happens every 20 years. Though the planets are 450 million miles from one another, their alignment wasContinue reading “The Great Conjunction of 2020, in review”

Moon Age Holiday-dream

For years we hosted a “Tropical Winter” shindig, frothy fruity drinks the menu and tacky holiday sweaters the dress code. Sparked by an Actually Huizenga song, alluding to global warming, the event served as a ridiculous “adulthood” re-imagining of an alternate reality “holiday party”, no skimping on the sweets and treats. Alongside maraschino cherries andContinue reading “Moon Age Holiday-dream”

Aquafaba is Amazing: GF Vegan Pancakes

Aquafaba is incredibly versatile. The juice of soaked chickpeas, a canned staple used for hummus, curries and salads, aquafaba is an often discarded delight unknown for its various uses. And it is especially useful for those who want to utilize the most of a vegan pantry. When we learned you could use the liquid fromContinue reading “Aquafaba is Amazing: GF Vegan Pancakes”

Once Again, We Are in the Dark

There is a Duality to facing Emptiness.  The last Full Moon of 2021, which arrived in peak glory late Saturday December 18th, is a few days shy of  the Winter Solstice on Tuesday December 21st. Eclipse Season alone was intense, as our last New and Full Moon had chaotic showdowns of tense opposite and overlappingContinue reading “Once Again, We Are in the Dark”

Kinky Krampus

On December 5th, the Alpine character Krampus shares the Holidaze folklore stage in conjunction with the Feast of St. Nicholas. The devious deity who takes delight in kidnapping and punishing the “naughty” children, Krampus is usually depicted as a hairy, horned, humanoid creature, wearing chains and carrying a bundle of birch sticks. Though anthropologists speculateContinue reading “Kinky Krampus”

My Aim is True

Our view of the truth is usually a reflection of ourselves. With the upcoming Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Sagittarius, we are challenged by how we see everything around us, down to the very root of our relationships with processing and perspective at large. Sagittarius is an adventuresome sign that also requires adequate recharge,Continue reading “My Aim is True”

The Vegan Gravy Train

The Grit in Athens, GA has remained a major favorite for locals and visitors alike over decades and as a teen from ATL, I fell in deep amour with their strong savory plates and selection of pies. Whenever we travelled to the Southern college town just an hour or so east from Atlanta, we hadContinue reading “The Vegan Gravy Train”

Eclipse Season is here!

Early in the morning, the Full Moon experienced its longest partial lunar eclipse since the 1440’s. A six hour process, the Earth’s shadow created a gradual red tint to the moon. Such occurrences were given the name “blood moon” due to their hue. And quite a sight to behold, we were able to see itContinue reading “Eclipse Season is here!”