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Each digital cookbook within the Concoctionary series aims to support a worthy cause regarding farming, food equality and the cooking community

Our Cookbook e-zine, Part I & Part II, has been combined. Each section is themed with a variety of recipes contributed by a lovely group of food enthusiasts, accompanied with vintage art selections and a detail to graphic design. Learn more.

John Alcorn

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Fire, Walk With Me

The Aries Full Moon brings passion and/or volatility to the forefront, depending on which way your scale tips. As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is considered to be an origin story of sorts, the discovery of the spark which alights all. Aries energy relates to its ruler Mars, the Red Planet, and asContinue reading “Fire, Walk With Me”

Light The Way, Little Fae

The Libra New Moon ushers liberation from the lies we tell ourselves. Libra is Queen Supreme with narratives and has a flair for the dramatic, either in extreme oversharing, gushing with details, or intense vigilance, holding it all in. Whereas the cliche tendency towards fickleness is based in some truth, within brews an intense adherenceContinue reading “Light The Way, Little Fae”