In Joy of combining singular elements for new creations, Concoctionary blends the delightful & useful to enrich & enhance one’s experiences & senses. 100% Sales go to Atlanta Solidarity Fund


Focused on vegetarian and vegan comfort foods, perfect for the autumnal and winter months, our first cookbook was released on the Winter Solstice of 2020 and was an homage to nostalgia with a twist. We researched a plethora of ‘60s and ‘70s hippie dippie cookbooks for inspiration and foraged a forest of images for delectable vintage illustrations to include with this edition. Contributions include Mother Brother, Va Va Veggie, Rachel Grace Blanton, Nova Terata, Valerie Culkin, Josh Fauver, Carolyn H, Nik and more.


Comfort food year-round, released September 2021. From delicious okonomiyaki to vegan-ized Ukrainian staples, Twin Peaks cherry pie to a Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas cocktail, each recipe is a delicious gateway into a different palate and mood. Contributors include: Kayleigh Denner, YunJung Alice, Jess Crisler, Rikki Li, Daniel Luedtke, Katie DeCantillon, Klaudia Margaret, Bryn Design, Katie Boyle, Valentina K, Ben Montague and a featured essay and recipe by Luna.

Call for Submissions

Warmer weather beckons of small bites, illustrations & recipes for a special Spring/Summer mini zine, arriving March of 2024. Email us with your ideas!