Symposium Vol I

Group Zine featuring poetry, illustration, photography and an essay, focused on relationships with limitations and Darkness. Originally released Halloween 2020.


Special vegetarian edition focused on simple recipes. Digital only. Release Date: December 16, 2020

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“Okra believes that food is not only a nourishment, but a gateway to unlimited cultural and social possibilities. By providing Black trans folks with this basic need, Okra makes it possible for their community to pursue their emotional, spiritual, and artistic goals.”

Read more about Okra’s mission: The Okra Project

Thank you for donating to Arktoiโ€™s organizations of choice via our LinkTree. In ATL, we have big hopes to see the Greenhouse and Eatery of Nourish Botanica and the queer community center organized by Southern Fried Queer Pride come to life in the near future, both very needed spaces in our city. We wholeheartedly believe in The Okra Project as an important foundation that brings life-saving aid and informed support, especially valuable during the heightened hardship of 2020 as Winter draws nearer in the United States:

“As a response to limited food supply, renters discrimination, raising unemployment, and medication shortages, we are attempting to increase our mutual aid funding to Black Trans people in need, especially knowing that our community is particularly susceptible to inequity of resources. We are currently distributing all requested funding”