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Curious Elixirs

Recently celebrating by 3-year alcohol-sobriety, friends at our gatherings are always intrigued by my mocktail options. As someone who now feels more comfortable in social situations with alcohol present, I’ve been absolutely grateful for the alcohol alternatives available in recent years. My hands-down favorites brand Curious Elixirs offers complex booze-free cocktails with no need for…

The Vegan Gravy Train

The Grit in Athens, GA remained a major favorite for locals and visitors alike for decades. As a vegetarian teen, I delighted in their strong savory plates and selection of pies whenever we’d travelled to the Southern college town just an hour or so east from Atlanta. Occasionally trekking out to see Glass Candy or…


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Musings about the Moon, with ties to history, mythology, pop culture, magick, from a femme perspective, and extra attention to Arts and Archetypes.

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