Adventure Awaits, but You’re Okay to Wait

Summertime sweetness, with its abundance of warmth and sunshine, can easily flip its script into Summertime sadness… or something much more anxiety-inducing altogether. The world in which we live is conducive to constant panic, trailing behind us, hot on our heels, questioning our fate, tracking our every move. Summer often is ripe for harvesting heightenedContinue reading “Adventure Awaits, but You’re Okay to Wait”

Duality is Done

As lovers of lore and cycles, passed through space and time, it’s no surprise that The Femme Moon as a project utilizes archetypes and symbolism. The most prominent type of belief-symbols throughout history and culture is that of Duality. Ever present in stories of Life and Death, the Sun and Moon, Good and Evil, MasculineContinue reading “Duality is Done”


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Musings about the Moon, with ties to history, mythology, pop culture, magick, from a femme perspective, and extra attention to Arts and Archetypes.

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