AnarchAngel is a black-and-white half-size zine in the Symposium series. Vol III focuses on the time frame in which sparkling innocence is faced with harsh realities, processed through the perspective of fairy tale, medieval manuscripts and biblical themes.

In the adolescent embrace of the morose, the free-fall of newly-found freedom and the wake of obligatory struggle in “womanhood”, personal rage of yore arches over the content of this publication. Released on the November 19th, 2021 Lunar Eclipse, Vol III above everything looks into the darkness of the “teen femme” experience.

Bleeding into persona during a tumultuous transit, AnarchAngel balances elements of mythological landscapes with a deviled dose of pop culture, referencing beloved ’90s and Noughts nods to Twin Peaks, Virgin Suicides, Jennifer’s Body… The male gaze is a looming theme, informant to the cause and destruct lined within Vol. III’s narrative works.

Precariously balancing camp and conditioning, please note that subject matter of abuse, assault and self-harm are included in this issue. Part Riot Grrrl, part Rococo, Vol III features poetry, illustrations, prose, short stories, photography, collage and found relics that reflect the wintry depths of despair that illuminate the issue’s theme.

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