Publications made with collaboration & love.


sister project + digital cookbook – full color PDF

The Femme Moon is an independent publication based out of ATL, GA with contributors from all over the world.


a print series / group zine feat. essays, poetry, illustrations, collage and beyond – b&w Xerox

All print orders shipped via USPS.

Digital zines available via PDF download.


upcoming zine – arriving 2023


Print series of poetry, prose, essays, illustrations with a focus on empowerment in moments of restriction and chaos. Based around a theme, this group zine debuted on Halloween 2020 and has 3 volumes.


Two volumes, one focusing on cold weather “comfort foods” veg-style, and the other a Summer to Fall menu, in digital format. Nods to vintage art with design in mind and plates that speak to experience of reminiscence.

“Every spoken word double-crosses us. The only tolerable form of communication is the written word, since it isn’t a stone in a bridge between souls but a ray of light between stars.”

― Fernando Pessoa