The Sensual World

Titled THE SENSUAL WORLD in homage to the Kate Bush epic, the theme for our upcoming zine will be centered on Venus, sex magick, the senses and the romantic arts.

Inspired by “Love Goddesses” Aphrodite and Inanna, THE SENSUAL WORLD is a nod to Venus Magick and a memoir of the senses. With an emphasis on the heavenly and amorous, we are looking for recipes, art work, short poems, non-edible potions and love spells related to the amorous and erotic. We welcome everything from illustrations to oil blends, favorite “love bites” to thrilling tidbits, fantastical fiction to passionate poetry.

As the maiden voyage of the Arktoi en Alt series, combining from both Symposium and Concoctionary formats, The Sensual World will be a limited edition print booklet.

Deadline is July 1st.

Please take a moment to take a peep at our GUIDELINES before pitching.

Thank you!

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