The Sensual World

THE SENSUAL WORLD, in homage to the Kate Bush epic, touches on Venus Magick as the theme for our upcoming zine, arriving 2023.

Inspired by “Love Goddesses” Aphrodite and Inanna, THE SENSUAL WORLD is a nod to Venus Magick, especially as it relates to romance, sex magick, and the like. A memoir of the senses, the heavenly and amorous found in taste, touch, sound, smell, sight are all emphasized in the art, poetry, potions, recipes, rituals and images related to the amorous and erotic. It is a smorgasbord of creative writing, “love bites” to thrilling tidbits, fantastical fiction to passionate poetry.

Combining Symposium and Concoctionary formats, The Sensual World will be a limited edition print booklet.

Submissions are currently closed.

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