SYMPOSIUM – a print zine

As a black & white Xerox zine, Symposium is an independent print publication, handcrafted by a small group of creatives. Contributing poetry, prose, illustrations, essays, paired with art relics fro eras past, each issue is formatted with theme and essence of intent during the design process. Vol I: Pandora’s BeatBox was a quarter-size zine and Vol II: Othered Earth found home in a half-size format, both sold out. Vol III: AnarchAngel will be arriving in October 2021 and Vol IV: Opheliac in Spring 2022. Core contributors include resident essayist Krystal B. Woods and poet Faith Naoi, curated by editor Sun and graphic design by Liz Yo.


I Pandora’s Beatbox

Released Samhain 2020

II Othered Earth

Released Mother’s Day (US) 2021

III AnarchAngel

Release Date TBA

Vol I: Pandora’s Beatbox

Photo Essay by Naomi. and Derek Moore (above). Essay by Krystal B. Woods. Poems by Faith Naoi, Judas Kane, Beth Hartman, Catherine Rush, Amy Anderson, and Ammavie (a piece in Portuguese). Illustrations by Lindsay Reyna and Fallon Gold. Magickally-infused recipes by Katie DeCantillon and Murda Hill. Upcoming book excerpt by Henora Sommerfugl. Painting by Samantha Michelsen.

Vol II: Othered Earth

Article and conversation with Francesca Lia Block. Essay by Krystal B. Woods. Poems by Krystal V, Faith Naoi, Beth Hartman, Judas Kane, and Sarah Rae. Illustrations by Folk Lord, Justin Coehlo, Diana Arias and Maria Lutz. Poetry spread designed by Marshall Trotter.

Poem by Krystal Visions with featured artwork by Leiji Matsumoto from Symposium II

Call for Submissions

AnarchAngel will be 3rd installation of the Symposium series, a half-size xerox zine, aimed for release in the Fall of 2021. Vol. III will focus on concepts of personal “rage” from youth as an informant to cause, with an exploration of bleeding into persona during the tumult of teen hood. With a dose of pop culture analysis regarding beloved ’90s fem-fueled fantasy, horror and witchcraft, the upcoming issue will be balanced between camp and conditioning.

Opheliac will be the 4th installation for Spring 2022. With nods to Shakespeare’s famed character, ideas around grief, ghosts, gaslighting and sorrow will be prominent, with Art Nouveau floral aesthetic. Deadline for this issue is mid-January 2022. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We accept contributions from all over the globe.