SYMPOSIUM – a print series

SYMPOSIUM is a 4-part print publication series, curated by The Femme Moon, in collaborations with artists, writers and designers. Each volume centers around a season and theme. Poetry, prose, essays, illustrations and more are paired with complimentary pieces, adding intentional cohesion with addition of unearthed art relics from eras past. Vol I: Pandora’s Beatbox was released on Halloween 2020 and Vol II: Othered Earth found home in a half-size format Spring 2021. Vol III: AnarchAngel arrived early Winter 2021, quickly selling out, with a January 2022 limited re-print available for order. The last and final volume, titled Opheliac, is currently taking submissions (see all calls + specific info below). Core contributors include resident essayist Krystal B. Woods and poet Faith Naoi, curated by editor Sun and head graphic designer Liz Yo. As a small-batch, handcrafted collection, the series is the first adventure in our publishing story and is the prototype for an upcoming endeavor, to be announced Spring 2022.


I. Pandora’s Beatbox

Autumn 2020

III. AnarchAngel

Winter 2021/22

II. Othered Earth

Spring 2021

IV. Opheliac

Summer 2022 (upcoming)

Vol I: Pandora’s Beatbox

Photo Essay by Naomi. and Derek Moore (above). Essay by Krystal B. Woods. Poems by Faith Naoi, Judas Kane, Beth Hartman, Catherine Rush, Amy Anderson, and Ammavie (a piece in Portuguese). Illustrations by Lindsay Reyna and Fallon Gold. Magickally-infused recipes by Katie DeCantillon and Murda Hill. Upcoming book excerpt by Henora Sommerfugl. Painting by Samantha Michelsen.

Vol II: Othered Earth

Article and conversation with Francesca Lia Block. Essay by Krystal B. Woods. Poems by Krystal V, Faith Naoi, Beth Hartman, Judas Kane, and Sarah Rae. Illustrations by Folk Lord, Justin Coehlo, Diana Arias and Maria Lutz. Poetry spread designed by Marshall Trotter.

Poem by Krystal Visions with featured artwork by Leiji Matsumoto from Symposium II

Vol III: AnarchAngel

AnarchAngel is the 3rd installation of the Symposium series. Nestled in an extravagant fairy tale format, the Winter 2021/2022 volume deeply focuses on the “dark femme” persona, specifically how it relates to the “Maiden” stage. Mixing teen vampire with personal “rage”, AnarchAngel combines a love of lore with beloved pop culture of the ’90s and Noughts to brew fem-fueled fantasy, horror, mythology and religion balanced between camp and conditioning. Vol. III includes poetry by Faith Naoi, Catherine Rush, Murda Hill, Ros Elise Clark and Anya Gibson of Three Swords. Graphic Artist Cait Lamas. Illustrations by Damian Caballero and Lisa Kinne. A multi-media piece by Syd Stanley. Short story by Ben Montague. Photo Collage by designer/stylist Madeline Lenahan of Liberated State. Creative Direction by Sun. Design by Liz Yo and Marshall Trotter.