Fire, Walk With Me

The Aries Full Moon brings passion and/or volatility to the forefront, depending on which way your scale tips. As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is considered to be an origin story of sorts, the discovery of the spark which alights all. Aries energy relates to its ruler Mars, the Red Planet, and asContinue reading “Fire, Walk With Me”

For Love of the Femme Fatale

Like a cat, the femme fatale decides when she wants to play. If you cross her, scratched you very well may become. Precisely packaged as a film and TV trope, though existing in lore as far back as the biblical Eve and Lilith and the medieval Morgan le Fay, B-movies from the slick fantasy legendContinue reading “For Love of the Femme Fatale”

Leather Weather: For Love of Bound

With the chilly autumn air creeping in around the corner, the erotic 1996 feauture film, Bound, is a worthy thriller to warm the blood with. As soon as the shock wears off learning the Wachowski Sisters (Matrix Trilogy) wrote & directed this sexually charged lesbian neo noir, the nostalgia kicks in at the sound ofContinue reading “Leather Weather: For Love of Bound”