Aquarius has our full attention

….not just because, as a Sun sign, it holds the reigning position for many collaborators, friends, my wubby and even my own #1 placement. Today we are graced with a Full Supermoon in Aquarius. A welcome marker inching towards Autumn, the duality of Leo and Aqua is one we particularly love but is not withoutContinue reading “Aquarius has our full attention”

Looking at the Big Sky

Eclipse season is in action, driving more intensity, especially to those who are Moonie-minded.Β  Though receiving a break from ritual work, tool charging and beyond, this unique astrological time frame is not just a Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius during the Sag-Gemini axis, it is a Blood Supermoon with a total lunar eclipse. In orderContinue reading “Looking at the Big Sky”