Scream Queens

A brief list of films for the upcoming energies of October, ranging between comedy to horror or both, which have a heavy presence of women, both as survivor and as monster, to occupy some of the down time of the season. Please note that we tend to love the originals of everything as opposed toContinue reading “Scream Queens”

Like A Dream, Glides Away…

As known, Full Moons magickally function to release or heal, and the heavy Pisces haze, arriving pre-Autumn-Equinox in the Harvest-season, is ripe for inner child work.Β  September’s Full Corn Moon snuggled up in dreamy Pisces early this AM at 1:22 EST tapping into our subconscious sleep sectors and creative cores alike. The deep waters ofContinue reading “Like A Dream, Glides Away…”