The Erratic Energy of Eclipse Season

Eclipse season is here, unearthing stability and shaking up foundations for some, deepening wholeness and self-compassion for others. While cliches have been connected with Eclipses since the beginning of time, Earth always witnesses 2 Eclipse “Seasons” a year, starting in the Spring and the Autumn. Late April kicked off a New Moon in Taurus andContinue reading “The Erratic Energy of Eclipse Season”

Duality is Done

As lovers of lore and cycles, passed through space and time, it’s no surprise that The Femme Moon as a project utilizes archetypes and symbolism. The most prominent type of belief-symbols throughout history and culture is that of Duality. Ever present in stories of Life and Death, the Sun and Moon, Good and Evil, MasculineContinue reading “Duality is Done”

The Fool on the Hill

We live in a world where everyday we must wrap our heads around promises that are make-believe, ideas fed since childhood unbeknownst to us as marketing ploys for endless devotion to capitalism. When you realize you’ve been had, living up to these pitches for becoming a pawn all along, it’s entirely appropriate that questions aboutContinue reading “The Fool on the Hill”