DIY publications made with collaboration & love.

We are an independent collective based out of Atlanta, GA, with contributors from all over the world. All orders are shipped using USPS. Digital zines are available in PDF format.


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Concoctionary cookbook

Symposium Vol. I

Pandora’s Beatbox is a collection of poetry, prose, essays, illustrations and select recipes with magickal intent, all with a focus on empowerment in moments of restriction and chaos. Released Halloween 2020, limited edition. Sold Out.

Concoctionary #1

Vegetarian cookbook focusing on American “comfort foods”, particularly Fall/Winter savvy, with nods to vintage 60’s/70’s. Digital zine format. No longer available in singular purchase but will be in zine bundle, arriving late Summer 2021.

Symposium Vol. II

Othered Earth explores the complexities of energy in opposition or the chaos created in its flux, with nods to Spring blossoming and awakening. Released US Mother’s Day 2021. Sold Out.

“Every spoken word double-crosses us. The only tolerable form of communication is the written word, since it isn’t a stone in a bridge between souls but a ray of light between stars.”

― Fernando Pessoa